Yellow curry with sweet potato, carrots and green beans



Today I want to share with the recipe of yellow curry with sweet potato, carrots & green beans. I simply love Asian food. Curries, spicy soups and coconut rice, hearty dishes that are comforting on  cold winter days and rainy days. When I eat out my usual pick is  Asian or Middle Eastern restaurants. Eating out all the time gets expensive though, so I’m glad I’ve started mastering making my own hearty and delicious curries. The right spices and key ingredients such as lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves are essential to make a good curry. I made this yellow curry to my family over easter and it was a big success.  Garnish the curry with fresh herbs (  parley or coriander) and serve with rice/ quinoa or as it is. I also made a  butternut squash and chickpea curry earlier this year, which was a big hit on the blog…

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